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FIRE RESTRICTIONS Issued April 23, 2018

April 21, 2018
Redington Pass is Feeling the Love

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Dear Friends of Redington Pass,

Thank you for all your support through 2017 for our work in Redington Pass. We made a lot of progress on the Pass in 2017 and have much to be grateful for. Here are a few highlights on our accomplishments this past year.

2017 brought summer drama to Redington Pass with the Burro Fire that claimed 27,000 acres and the helicopter rescue of 17 hikers from the highwaters in the Tanque Verde Creek. These events have raised our awareness of the need for more public education about the Pass and more focus on public safety concerns. As a result, we created a new website for recreational users ( that provides more information for all recreational users to enjoy the Pass and stay safe. We completed a signage plan that was approved by the Coronado National Forest (CNF) to better orient visitors to the Pass and assure more timely replacement of battered signs. We also hosted a meeting with law enforcement officials from CNF, AZ Game and Fish Department, Saguaro National Park, and the Pima County Sheriffs’ Department, and the Southern Arizona Rescue Association (SARA) to encourage increased coverage and coordination on the Pass.

We continued our stewardship efforts in 2017 through two major clean ups on the Pass. While the Pass is looking much cleaner, close to 90 volunteers this December picked up 3,120 pounds (1.56 tons) of trash! Our growing network of sponsors has made this event safe and fun, donating trash pick-up gear and equipment as well as food and terrific raffle prizes! Thank you to all our volunteers and to our primary co-sponsor Tread Lightly; additional sponsors 4 Wheel Parts, Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Mesquite Valley Growers, REI, RideNow Powersports, Safeway, Summit Hut, The Native Seed Co., and Whole Foods; our special partners Arizona Game & Fish Department (Region V), Arizona Trail Association, Blue Ribbon Coalition -, and U.S. Forest Service (Coronado National Forest - Santa Catalina Ranger District); and recreational groups AZFJ, Southern Arizona Hiking Club, Tucson Rough Riders, and Tucson RzR.

In line with our CAMP recommendations, we have been working on improvements along the western slope of the Pass, now called the Tanque Verde Falls Recreation Enhancement Project. Thanks to Adam Milnor from the National Park Service Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance program, Rachel Glass, and the Coe and Van Loe design firm in Phoenix, we now have design specifications that will inform the next steps required for an environmental review of more parking and amenities around the kiosk area, additional off street parking near the Upper Falls trailhead and an enhanced system of interconnected hiking trails.

We appreciate your continuing support and commitment to FRP and Redington Pass. We have been at this since 2010 and it is very gratifying to see our active collaboration among so many different groups moving forward so diligently. This has been a pivotal year, transitioning from our planning work through the CAMP to action on the ground. We have strengthened our partnership with CNF, grown our community network and laid the groundwork for significant improvements on the Pass in years to come.

Congratulations to everyone for a great year and a promising future!

Pass it on!

Board of Directors
Friends of Redington Pass


Community Meeting: Dec 7, 2016

More than fifty people were in attendance at the third community meeting hosted by Friends of Redington Pass (FRP). At the meeting FRP presented an overview of its Collaborative Area Management Plan (CAMP) recommendations, answered questions, solicited feedback, and encouraged volunteers to help work on Plan implementation. Table discussions covered such topics as motorized recreation, hiking and mountain biking and horse trails, recreational target shooting, safety and enforcement, site improvements and signage.

FRP's CAMP was well received by the USFS, Coronado National Forest (CNF). Santa Catalina District Ranger Ken Born congratulated FRP on the CAMP and confirmed his commitment to working in partnership with FRP on specific Plan priorities in the coming months. He introduced Adam Milnor, on loan from the National Park Service, who will provide FRP and the CNF district with technical assistance in implementing several of the Plan recommendations. The district will also be working with AZ Game and Fish, the Pima County Sheriff's Dept., and Saguaro National Park to improve law enforcement on the Pass.

Another immediate consequence of the CAMP recommendations is the district’s new closure order regarding recreational target shooting on the Pass. Consistent with the adaptive management approach recommended by the CAMP, CNF has reopened the easternmost shooting area, while closing the western slope from the forest boundary along Redington Road to Mile Marker 6.3 at the re-opened shooting area. Recreational target shooting is now prohibited within .6 miles of Redington Pass along this stretch of Rt. 371.

In addition, a signage initiative recommended in the CAMP is off and running, as we start inventorying damaged or missing signs and develop a strategy with the district to redesign and/or replace signs along the Pass. We are hoping to remind visitors that the Pass is a special place and the Forest Service and the Friends of Redington Pass are reaching out to everyone to help keep it clean and safe.

We want to thank the Real Life Church on Houghton Road for providing the meeting venue. And a special thanks to the facilitators who helped manage and record the table discussions.

Click here for the CAMP Spring 2016 Update, links to the full CAMP Report & accompanying map.


Coronado National Forest's Closure Order / Shooting Map for Redington Pass
The updated closure order and shooting map can be found here on the Alerts & Notices page of the Coronado National Forset Service website.



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Friends of Redington Pass, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.